Returning to Midwifery practice

The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (the HPCAA) requires Te Tatau o te Whare Kahu | Midwifery Council (the Council) to restrict the issue of an annual practising certificate if there are reasonable grounds to believe the applicant:

  • has not held an annual practising certificate within the three years immediately preceding the date of the application; or
  • has not, within the three years immediately preceding the date of the application, lawfully practised midwifery.

Before you apply you will need to discuss how you are going to complete your required components with your potential employer. Once you have a plan and required documents, you can then make your application.

There are four categories of return to practice.

Category A If you have not practised for less than three years you are not required to complete a formal return to practice programme
Category B  Midwives who have not practised between three to five years.
 Category C Midwives who have not practised between five to ten years.
 Category D Midwives who have been out of midwifery practice for > 10 years should contact the Council in the first instance

The Council recommends that you read the Return to Practice Policy and Return to Practice information sheet before making your application.

If you are ready to begin or have any questions, please contact us either by email or on 04 499 5040.

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