Midwifery Council reminds midwives to use Referral Guidelines

The Midwifery Council urges midwives to ensure they are familiar with the Referral Guidelines and the processes within them as they are required to be under the Section 88 Primary Maternity Services Notice.

 "The Referral Guidelines are based on best practice and were formed using evidence, expert opinion and tailored to a New Zealand context,” says Chief Executive/Registrar of the Midwifery Council, Sharron Cole. "They are in place to improve maternity care and quality as well as promote the coordination of care across different providers.  The Council understands and accepts that there may be variation from the guidelines where a woman makes an informed decision to decline treatment, referral, consultation or transfer of care. However, any variation must follow the process set out in section 5 of the Referral Guidelines".

 “Our first priority is always the safety of mothers and babies and the Council is clear it expects all midwives use the referral guidelines and the processes set out in them. Midwives should read the Be Safe paper on Referral Guidelines on our website.”