Recertification Programme 2020-2021

The Midwifery Council recently considered the requirements of the Recertification Programme for midwives and has agreed that for the year 1st April 2020-31st March 2021 there will be no changes to the programme and practising midwives will continue to be required to complete:
1. Midwifery Emergency Skills Refresher study day annually
2. Minimum of eight hours continuing midwifery education each year
3. Minimum of eight hours professional activity each year
4. Midwifery Standards Review every three years

Midwives must also demonstrate how they practise across the scope. For most midwives this is through clinical practice but for midwives in positions of leadership, education, advice or policy this can be demonstrated through the work that they do e.g. practice development, writing evidence informed policy etc. This also means that all individuals who hold themselves out as midwives and who are using their midwifery knowledge and skills to guide and direct practice must hold a practising certificate as policy, education, research etc are all part of the midwifery scope.

The Council has changed the name of the emergency skills update to the Midwifery Emergency Skills Refresher. This is to reinforce that this day is a skills refresher i.e. we expect that all midwives already know how to manage emergencies.

The Council has also changed the requirements for education providers to send lists of attendees to it. It is therefore vital that midwives obtain certificates of attendance at education and retain them in their portfolio.