Occasional publications

Guideline for gross and fine motor skills

This guideline outlines the gross and fine motor skills required by a midwife.

2020 International Year of the Midwife

Every day our midwives welcome around 168 new babies into the world in Aotearoa New Zealand. Midwives are at the birth of every baby - in homes, in primary maternity units; in...

Consultation documents

From time to time, the Council consults on issues relating to midwifery regulation.

Open Consultations

There are currently no open consultations.


Closed Consultations


Important message from the Ministry of Health Maternity Agreements Team

Annual Practising Certificates (APC)

You are required to have a current APC to provide and claim for maternity services under the Primary Maternity Services Notice 2007 (the...

Statement on support and role of the midwife

The midwifery scope of practice statement is the legally gazetted statement that articulates the role and work of the midwife. Within this statement, support is clearly stated...

Midwifery Council Privacy Policy

This policy sets out the Midwifery Council's approach to handling personal information under the Privacy Act.

Midwifery Council Privacy Procedure

A document that sets out the Midwifery Council's procedure handling personal information under the Privacy Act and in line withits Privacy Policy.

Applying for registration under the TTMRA

Information for midwives applying for registration under the TTMRA.

IQM midwives applying for registration

Information for internationally qualified midwives who wish to apply for registration in New Zealand.

Midwifery return to practice programme

Information about the Midwifery Return to Practice Programme.

Midwives returning to New Zealand to practice

Information for midwives who are returning to New Zealand to practice.