Workers safety checks

As a provider of primary maternity services under the Primary Maternity Services Notice 2007, you will have undergone a safety check that complies with the Children’s Act 2014 (previously the Vulnerable Children Act 2014) at some point since 2015, when the legislation came into force. This is a requirement for making claims with the Ministry under the Notice, as well as a legal requirement for providing primary maternity services.

A safety check must be renewed every three years, prior to the expiration of your current safety check. If you last had a check in 2016 or 2017, you may have needed to be rechecked already, or your check may be due for renewal soon. It is your responsibility to get your renewal process initiated early, to make sure there is no gap between the expiry of your old safety check and the beginning of your new one. A gap between safety checks means you will not be able to claim for services provided in any gap period, as your authorisation to claim under the Notice is only valid as long as you have a current safety check registered with the Ministry of Health. The Ministry has some specific advice on renewing a safety check on its website. You can find this at, or by searching ‘Renewing a safety check’ on the Ministry’s website ( The information is under the heading ‘Renewing a safety check’.

If you have had a check through CV Check, you can go directly to the CV Check website at and log into your account to initiate your renewal.

If you are unsure of when your safety check expires, you should check your records, or you can contact the Ministry to check what they have on file for you by phone (0800 855 066, select option 2) or email (