Aotearoa Midwifery Project

Kaupapa for the Project - Treaty Partnership Framework

The Aotearoa Midwifery Project draws on the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi to shape future midwifery practice.  Persistent health inequities for groups like Māori women and their babies, tell us that we need to do better.

The Midwifery Council of New Zealand (the Council) is committed to engaging extensively for the purpose of this regulatory review. The formation of the Aotearoa Midwifery Collaborative Reference Group is exciting. The group’s purpose is to expertly guide the Council’s review through collaborative partnership, and robust, transparent, relationships.


Chris Mallon, Chair, the Midwifery Council of New Zealand

The Aotaroa Midwifery Project is a key strategic piece of collaborative work from the Council to develop the future of midwifery practice in Aotearoa. We are confident midwifery is ready to pave a co-design approach that intentionally models evidence-based practice based on a Treaty Partnership Framework across the health and social system.

Dr Sue Calvert, CEO/Registrar of the Midwifery Council

This is a busy but exciting time to be involved in midwifery regulation as 2020 sees the start of the Council’s Aotearoa Midwifery project.

The Council’s first objective in its current strategic plan is to lead a review on the role and scope of practice of the Aotearoa New Zealand midwife into the 2020s. This is a key strategic piece of work that will ensure that the midwifery scope of practice, the competencies for entry to the register and the pre-registration standards for programmes of education are robust and contemporary.

There will be extensive consultation with midwives and stakeholders as the project unfolds and I hope that many of you will be involved. Please watch our website for updates.