I have an MA in Cultural Anthropology and have worked in gender research in New Zealand and consumer research in Latin America. I have over ten years’ experience working in formal and non-formal education as a tutor, lecturer and programme manager both locally and internationally. My long-term goal is to support a wide range of community, government and business groups in the areas of diversity and inclusion, gender equity, and access to global online education. I currently serve as the consumer representative for the dispute’s resolutions committee at the NZCOM Wellington branch.

I am involved with the Aotearoa Midwifery Project because I am a recent consumer (mum to a four-year-old and two-year-old) and have a strong passion for supporting women generally and pregnant women and midwives specifically. I am a migrant, originally from Colombia, and seek to proudly represent the interest of migrant women. I hope to use this forum to keep consumers’ perspectives in mind, but I also believe that my professional work in cross-cultural competence, remote work, service design and advocacy will benefit the team.

Consumer Representative