I have extensive midwifery practice experience in a range of settings, including over 25 years’ experience as an LMC midwife and a broad knowledge of midwifery practice and maternity care in Aotearoa.  I was an educator in the Bachelor of Midwifery programme at ARA and a co-head of Midwifery. I am a co-author of chapters in midwifery practice publications and have been a Midwifery Council reviewer for an undergraduate midwifery programme and an NZQA programme approvals panel member. Currently, I am the Midwifery Advisor Quality Assurance for the NZCOM and maintain a small practice. I oversee the NZCOM’s quality assurance processes and am involved in many other aspects of the NZCOM’s work.

In an ever-changing environment the role and scope of practice of a midwife must be able to ensure that midwifery care meets the needs of women and babies and the profession can attract and educate midwives to meet current and future expectations. My focus is on supporting midwives to provide midwifery care that enables and improves outcomes for women and babies. The profession needs to support diversity and accessibility to midwifery education to enable women and whanau to be cared for competently and safely.

My role as midwifery advisor at the NZCOM relates to the quality assurance processes. This project has the potential to change what midwives do, how they do it and what that means for them and for women and whānau. I am deeply interested in contributing to this project so that midwifery practice/care remains relevant, dynamic and responsive into the future.

Professional Body Representative