Tēnā koutou. Ko Ngati Pākehā te iwi, he Tangata Tiriti ahau. Ko Kate Nicoll tōku ingoa.

I have been working as a Lead Maternity Care midwife since 2003 and currently work as the SUDI prevention coordinator for Waitaha (Canterbury) employed by a kaupapa Maōri health and social services provider whilst maintaining a small midwifery case load. I am also a māmā and kuia within a large and diverse whānau.

I am passionate about my role and responsibilities as he Tangata Tiriti to agitate and implement the changes needing to occur across society to address the ongoing inequities and trauma from  colonisation. I am a midwifery standards reviewer and believe that this is a powerful and important place for midwives to consider their role in understanding and challenging these inequities and that recertification requirements need to reflect this.

Clinical Midwifery Representative