My midwifery experience began at St Helen’s and Middlemore Hospitals in Auckland. Then followed five years working in a village in Bangladesh. Since 1996 I have worked at Auckland University of Technology as a midwifery lecturer and held a joint appointment at Counties-Manukau for 12 years (clinical midwife educator in the delivery unit). I completed my PhD in 2007. In 2009 the World Health Organisation employed me to write a Midwifery Curriculum and syllabus for nurse midwives. I have returned to Bangladesh many times as part of being employed by UNFPA Bangladesh to facilitate the implementation of this programme, along with the Curriculum Development for Direct Entry Midwifery in Bangladesh. 

I was awarded a Star Post-Doctoral Scholarship (2010), and my research interests include Maternal Mental Health, Sustainability of Midwifery Practice, and Place of Birth.  I was the Chairperson of the Auckland Region of NZCOM 2008-2011, was appointed to the Midwifery Council of New Zealand in 2010, was the Chair of the Midwifery Council 2011-2018, become Head of Midwifery Department at AUT in 2013 and Associate Professor in 2014. I am currently Chair of the National Maternity Monitoring Group. I am passionate about midwifery, midwifery education, equity and good governance of our midwifery organisations.

Co-chair, Aotearoa Midwifery Project Reference Group