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For Expecting Parents

We understand the safety of mothers and babies comes first. In New Zealand, maternity care is provided by Lead Maternity Carers, of whom more than 90% are midwives. The Midwifery Council is the guardian of professional standards in midwifery. We make sure midwives meet and maintain professional standards of education, conduct and performance so that they deliver high quality healthcare throughout their careers.

Every day our midwives welcome some 168 new babies into the world in New Zealand

Some pregnancies are planned, some not, and some are absolute miracles – the “against-all-odds” kind. No matter where you’ve decided you’d like your baby born – in hospital, at a dedicated maternity centre or at home - a qualified midwife will be there to care for you and your baby. It’s our duty to make sure you get the best care possible. As guardians of professional standards, the Midwifery Council does everything it can to ensure midwives have rounded expertise, qualifications and skills to provide the best possible professional midwifery care. Professional regulation exists for one purpose - to keep the public safe. Women need to know what to expect and get what they expect. They need to be sure health professionals are doing their job to a consistently high standard. We see regulation as the ambulance at the top of the cliff, intervening early on to stop small problems becoming big problems. As the regulatory authority set up to guard professional standards in midwifery, we set high standards and hold midwives accountable.

Be sure your midwife has a Practising Certificate

All midwives with a current practising certificate are issued with a card they can carry with them. Your midwife should show you their practising certificate card. If she does not, ask to see it - any conditions on their practice will be listed on the reverse. If a midwife cannot or will not show you their practising certificate, you can their check the status and any conditions applying (and find the names of registered midwives in your area) by searching the Register. This is the most up-to date way to check a midwife's current practising status.

Women need to know what to expect and get what they expect.