Professional Activities for Recertification

Professional activities demonstrate how the midwife is involved in the midwifery profession and in making quality improvements to their own and at times, the practice of others. The Council believes that the minimum requirement of eight hours per year is achievable.

Some professional activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Engaging in mentoring as a mentor or mentee. This includes for example MFYP mentoring, rural mentoring, mentoring internationally qualified midwives new to New Zealand
  2. Precepting midwifery students in clinical placements
  3. Attending professional organization meetings
  4. Being an office bearer or midwifery standards reviewer
  5. Making a presentation to colleagues. This includes clinical teaching sessions
  6. Engaging in midwifery group practice formal peer review meetings.


One hour engagement in an activity meets one hour of the requirements. For some activities the number of hours is directly attributable, however for some others it is not. For example the Council acknowledges that when preparing for a presentation, the time spent in preparation is well in excess of the actual time of presentation. The Council suggests that in these cases an allocation of a minimum 4 hours per presentation can be credited. Where it is identified that engagement in activities will well exceed the requirement for the purpose of audit, an overarching statement stating that engagement in the activity will meet the requirements of the Recertification Programme but that actual time involved in the activity may well exceed this, will suffice.


For the purposes of audit and also as part of their requirement to retain a portfolio, midwives are required to have evidence in their portfolio that demonstrates engagement. Such evidence can include de-identified minutes, certificates of attendance, records of activity etc. There is no standard format but the council notes that for most activities some form of record i.e. letter of appointment or certificate is issued.

The schedule

The schedule of professional activities provides a list of some activities. The Council acknowledges that these can vary over time and asks that midwives contact it to discuss any activities that they believe are part of the quality improvement and assurance activities within midwifery practice. The schedule of professional activities can also be printed as a booklet.

May 2017