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Recertification requirements

The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 requires the Midwifery Council, among other things, to:

  • set standards of clinical competence, cultural competence and ethical conduct; and
  • review and maintain the competence of midwives

The Act stipulates that a midwife may not be issued with an annual practising certificate unless the Midwifery Council is satisfied that the midwife meets the required standard of competence.  Engagement in the Recertification Programme is one way midwives demonstrate ongoing competence.  The programme requires midwives to undertake certain activities within a three year period. Midwives applying for a practising certificate are expected to have met the requirements within the three years prior to the date of application. Midwives who take leave from work of more than 6 months are invited to contact the Council to discuss an extension to the three year period.

The Recertification Programme was introduced by the Council in March 2005 following consultation with the midwifery profession. It operates on a three year cycle. The Council monitors the structure of the programme and the content of courses and consults on changes during the third year of each cycle.

Recertification Programme Policy

Recertification Programme 2020-2021

The Recertification planner is provided to assist midwives in planning ahead to meet the requirements.

Recertification Planner word format

The continuing midwifery education and professional activities summaries can be used to record completed requirements. These documents are best downloaded from a desktop computer.

For those who prefer to use excel we present a workbook that has been designed to record hours. Separate tabs are provided for both continuing education and professional activities.

There are a number of compulsory components to the Recertification Programme.

Midwifery Emergency Skills Refresher

The Midwifery Emergency Skills Refresher comprises Maternal Resuscitation and Neonatal Resuscitation updates, and childbirth emergency skills (bleeding emergencies, shoulder dystocia, breech and cord prolapse).

Current approved providers for Midwifery Emergency Skills Refresher:

Continuing Midwifery Education

Any education which has direct relevance to the midwife's professional role and which enhances and leads to development of their practice.

Professional Activities

Activities in which midwives engage that contribute to professional practice and quality improvement.

Midwifery Standards Review

All midwives are required to undergo a review every three years although this timeframe may be reduced at the discretion of the reviewers.  The Council contracts with the New Zealand College of Midwives (NZCOM) to conduct MSR and midwives wishing to make bookings or with specific queries about Midwifery Standards Review should contact NZCOM