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Midwives working in other services

Midwives working in neonatal intensive care, family planning and abortion services 

In March 2005 Council added this footnote to the Midwifery Scope of Practice:

  • "In relation to a preterm baby, the Midwifery Council defines the six-week postpartum period as commencing from the expected date of birth rather than the actual date of birth".

In other words, Council recognises that for preterm babies, the postpartum midwifery role may extend beyond six calendar weeks.

The Council has also clarified its expectations in relation to direct entry students and midwives working in neonatal intensive care units; in relation to midwives working in gynaecology areas; and in relation to all midwives working in maternity units in a clinical role. This information can be downloaded below.

Council requires all midwives working in maternity units in a clinical role to hold a Midwifery Practising Certificate.