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Practising certificates

Registered midwives are legally required to hold a practising certificate issued by the Midwifery Council before they can practise. 

Things you need to know

  • Applications for practising certificates are made online.  Midwives must log into their online account to apply
  • All annual practising certificates expire on 31 March
  • A practising certificate is required even if you work part time or intermittently
  • If you commence work part way through the year, a discounted fee is payable
  • There is no refund if you stop work part way through the year
  • The workforce survey questions are part of the application
  • It is an offence to work as a midwife without a practising certificate
  • If you do not have a current practising certificate you cannot work as a midwife, you cannot claim maternity fees and you will not have any indemnity cover
  • Take care of your practising certificate card; it is valuable.  It can be used to obtain controlled drugs as well as order tests and claim fees.  If it is stolen or lost please notify the Police and contact the Council immediately