APC fees

The major component of the annual practising certificate fee funds the normal activities of the Council and reduces each quarter of the practising year. The total fee also includes a disciplinary levy ($50) which funds Council disciplinary functions.  The disciplinary levy is calculated and reported on separately by the Council. The Council reviews its fees structure every year.

Current APC fees apply from 3 February 2020. The disciplinary levy was introduced from 1 April 2012. The fees below include the disciplinary levy of $50 and GST.

  • 1 April to 31 March (full year fee) - $475.00
  • 1 July to 31 March (¾ year fee ) - $370.00
  • 1 October to 31 March (½ year fee) - $270.00
  • 1 January to 31 March (¼ year fee) - $170.00

Late fee

Any midwife who holds a practising certificate in one year and wishes to practise at any time in the first quarter of the following year must complete her/his application to renew by 31 March.  Failure to renew before 31 March will mean that an additional late fee of $100 is payable as there is considerable additional administrative work that must be undertaken by the Council.

Additional fee for overseas midwives first annual practising certificate

Internationally qualified midwives are required to pay a process and monitoring fee of $150 with their first practising certificate application and in addition to the normal annual practising certificate fee. This fee covers the administrative requirements relating to the monitoring of the conditions on their scope of practice (overseas competence programme) and the reissue of the practising certificate cards as required as courses are completed.  It is a one-off fee and will not apply for subsequent practising certificates.

Reduced fee for New Graduates

New graduates pay a reduced fee.  This is partly because the normal work needed to assess their suitability for an annual practising certificate is not necessary as this is inherent in the registration process they have just completed. It is also partly in recognition of their likely reduced financial status after three years study and their limited earning capacity as they start their practice. Again, all these fees include the $50 disciplinary levy.

New graduates registered after the December National Midwifery Exam:
Fee from 1 January to 31 March - $120
Fee for first full year after registration - $275
Thereafter, normal fee applies

New graduates registered after March National Midwifery Exam:
Full year fee for first year of registration - $275
Normal fee after that

New graduates registered after July National Midwifery Exam:
¾ year fee for first year of registration - $220
Normal fee after that


Payment of the application fee is completed online as part of the application process. Payment is made by credit card or internet banking. This is either direct credit Account2Account or indirect through the midwife’s internet bank account. 

Where payment is being made by the midwife, it must be completed at the time of the application. If payment cannot be made at this time, the application should not be made until funding is available.

If someone else will be paying the application fee, the midwife should take care the other person has agreed to this and they understand the time frame required. The midwife should check that the payment is made.  The Council cannot help if the payment is not received as it is a matter between the midwife and the payer.

If payment is not received by 31 March the midwife must cease practice from that date.

A confirmation of the application is displayed at the end of the application process and should be printed.  A copy is also sent by email.  This includes details of the fee and the payment method.  If someone else will pay the fee, a copy of this should be given to that person to confirm the application has been made and the expectation that they will be paying.

Bank Account

If paying by Direct Credit, the Midwifery Council bank account number is 030502-0399402-00.  Please reference with Surname and Registration number.  The Council recommends caution if paying by smart phone.  Sometime these payments have been received with no reference information.

Receipt for fees paid

Annual practising certificate cards are delivered to the midwife's address recorded in the Register attached to a GST receipt for the fee paid.

The Midwifery Council GST number is 87-624-714.