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Applying for an APC

Applying for your Annual Practising Certificate

 Please take your time and read all instructions. You may find it helpful to print this page.

1.   Logon

Log on with your username and password. If you cannot remember your user logon or password, follow the website instructions. If an email does not arrive within a minute or two, please check your spam/junk folder before calling the Council. Ring the Council on 04 499 5040 if you continue to have difficulties logging on.

Once you have logged on, you will land on the Welcome page.

2.   Apply for a Practising Certificate

Click on Apply for Practising Certificate.

3.   Check Personal details

Check that your personal and contact details are still correct. If not, make the necessary changes.

4.  Check Renewal Requirements (Recertification Programme) status

The information shown is what the Council holds on your engagement in the Recertification Programme. If it is not correct, it means the Council has not been notified of your attendance at the course in question. In that case, you should either scan and send the certificate of attendance to the Council Please attend to this before proceeding with your application or you may be issued with an interim practising certificate. If an IPC card is later replaced by a full APC card, there will be a $33.75 card replacement fee.

 5.  Make application

There are 5 steps:

1)       Choose Year

2)       Requirements (again – make sure you have checked your details and changed them if not correct)

3)       Workforce Survey

4)       Payment of $475

5)       Declarations

Payment options:

Payment must be made at the time of application. If payment is not recorded in our bank account within 24 hours, your application will be declined and you will need to reapply.

Immediate online payment. If you click the credit card option, it will give you two choices:

  • Credit card (after payment has been accepted, there is a further step you must take to complete your application)
  • Direct bank transfer (Account2Account) which takes you to our payment gateway where you can select your bank and enter your details.  Midwifery Council details are pre-loaded.

Other payment option – payment is expected within 24 hours

  • Direct Credit (where your bank does not provide Account2Account service)– you do this through your own internet banking. Reference with surname and your Council Registration ID

Our bank account number is 03 0502 0399402 00

 If you are paying for your practising certificate using a mobile phone, please ensure you also enter your registration number and surname. If you do not, we have no way of matching your application and payment and will not be able to issue a practising certificate.

 6.  Declarations

All midwives must make certain declarations in support of their application for a practising certificate. These declarations are related to requirements set down in the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (s26, s27). You must read each declaration in the application form carefully. It is important that you tick every declaration that applies and do not tick any declaration that does not apply as any false declarations will be taken very seriously by the Council.

APC for non-clinical midwives

For a number of years, there has been discussion on how those midwives who work in roles that require a midwifery qualification but the work is not clinically-based can satisfactorily declare that they have worked across the midwifery scope. This document will assist midwives in this position in making application for an APC.

Midwives whose main midwifery role is non-clinical

Midwives in non-clinical roles, such as educators, researchers of advisors, must submit a short statement at the time of their APC application that describes how in their day to day role they have “practised” across the scope. Practice in this instance means providing education, professional advice, undertaking research etc. Statements will be reviewed the Registrar and an APC will be issued accordingly.

  7.  Print Confirmation

Print confirmation receipt regardless of who is paying. If you do not have a printer, you can save the page as a screenshot. Simply press Print Scrn (top right of keyboard) and then paste (Ctrl + v at the same time) into a word document. Save the document and print when you have access to a printer.  You should also receive an email confirming your application but the Council is aware that some email providers put these in spam or block them altogether.

 8.  Plastic APC cards

Plastic cards are issued about 10 working days after application and payment has been confirmed, if your application is straightforward. It will take longer if we need to talk to you about your application or if you are not meeting the requirements of the Recertification Programme. A receipt which you will need for your employer and for Inland Revenue will be sent with your APC card.

If you receive a grey Interim Practising Certificate card, this will have on it its expiry date. The receipt will also remind you of what you need to do in order to have your IPC card replaced with an APC. The first plastic card is covered within your APC fee but there is a replacement cost of $33.75 for any subsequent cards.

If you require a replacement APC card, please:

  1. log on to your profile and confirm the postal address is correct
  2. make payment of the fee in to our bank account number 03 0502 0399402 00
  3. email to advise the payment date and make formal request for the replacement card

Receipt for fees paid

Annual practising certificate cards are delivered to the midwife's address recorded in the Register attached to a GST receipt for the fee paid.

The Midwifery Council GST number is 87-624-714.

An application for an APC is not complete until payment is received