Midwives who hold a current practising certificate

Midwives who hold a practising certificate for the current year and who wish to practise in the first quarter of the next year (starting 1 April), must apply to renew their practising certificate during February/March. 

Renewals for the next year are not available before February and must be completed before 1 April.  Midwives who wish to practise in the next year, but not until after the first quarter (i.e. not before 1 July), can apply later in the next year and will pay a reduced fee.  The late fee (below) is not payable in this situation.

Any midwife who has not renewed their practising certificate by 31 March must cease practice on that date.  Practising without a current certificate is illegal.  Midwives practising without a practising certificate will have no indemnity insurance, will not be able to claim maternity fees under Section 88, and their clients will not be covered by ACC if there is an adverse event.  The Council does not tolerate such practice and in the past has undertaken disciplinary procedures in these situations.

Late renewal fee

Any midwife who holds a practising certificate in one year and wishes to practise at any time in the first quarter of the following year must complete her/his application to renew by 31 March even if they do not intend practising immediately.  Failure to renew before 31 March will mean that an additional late fee of $200 is payable.