Debbie is the Associate Director of Midwifery - Operations Manager at the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board where her role is an integral part of maternity services across the region. She also works clinically on a casual basis. Debbie is a member of the National DHB Midwifery Leaders Group and NZCOM and enjoys working with midwifery colleagues across NZ on midwifery leadership issues and direction at a national level. She is also a Lactation Consultant and a member of NZ Lactation Consultants Association. Debbie has lived in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom and worked in all types of maternity care settings, worked on a variety of maternity projects and has presented at national and international midwifery conferences. Debbie has a PG Diploma in Health Care and is currently a postgraduate student at Victoria University. She has also completed a Te Reo level one certification and postgraduate study in adult teaching and learning and clinical midwifery practice. Interwoven with the passion for midwifery, Debbie has a particular interest in midwifery care for women who face additional challenges in their journey into parenthood. She places a lot of value on partnership and continuity, maintaining high quality, safe midwifery care.

Debbie also values and enjoys supporting and enabling ongoing learning, reflection and critical analysis of professional midwifery practice. Debbie currently lives in Nelson with her husband and daughter.

BN, RN, Grad Dip Midwifery, RM.
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Debbie was appointed to the Council in September 2011.