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National Midwifery Examination

National examinations are set at the level of competence for entry to the Register and seeks to assess graduates' assessment skills and professional judgment in relation to midwifery practice across the scope. In particular it seeks to assess the ability of graduates to identify when pregnancy and childbirth are no longer within normal limits and to carry out appropriate midwifery actions. This includes knowledge and midwifery actions in relation to collaborative care with other health professionals.

The applications open 2-3 months prior to the exam date, and will close 2-3 weeks prior to exam.

The Midwifery Council National Examination comprises 180 multiple choice questions. The questions are scenario based and cover the Midwifery Scope of Practice. The examinations are 3 hours plus 10 minutes allowed for reading the instructions.

In order to pass the examination an overall mark of 70% and a mark of 70% in the safety related questions must be obtained. The safety questions are not specifically identified in the examination papers.

The Council's policy in relation to requirements of Heads of Schools and students and of exam administration can be downloaded here.

Midwifery students undertaking their programe of education in New Zealand should make themselves familiar with the New Zealand graduates' application guidelines for registration

The next main exam booking periods are 7th December 2020 and 8th March 2021